Gladstone Police Station in February 2017.
Gladstone Police Station in February 2017. Paul Braven GLA010217_Police_Cou

Wheelie bin bandit targets bins outside police station

A YOUNG man's decision to take out his anger on a pair of wheelie bins directly across the road from Gladstone Police Station has landed him a $500 fine.

At 3.30am on June 7, officers on the late shift heard loud, repeated swearing coming from the bottom of Yarroon St.

When they investigated the noise, they found a man, 20, had thrown two bins on to the road, breaking one of their wheels and sending rubbish everywhere.

The man told police he had been drinking at a friend's house and had an argument with his girlfriend.

He pleaded guilty at Gladstone Magistrates Court yesterday to wilful damage and public nuisance, agreeing with magistrate Dennis Kinsella that he "had to work out (his) relationship with alcohol".

He said he had since apologised to the residents of the area.

Mr Kinsella imposed a $500 fine in total for both offences, saying there was nothing wrong with letting off steam on an inanimate object - but it was best to do it on something like a punching bag at home, and not wheelie bins on the street.

No conviction was recorded.