Mammoth rescue mission for injured parks fisherman

A FISHERMAN who fell down a cliff, breaking both ankles, is in hospital after a mammoth rescue mission overnight that lasted eight hours.

The man, 25, and a friend were hiking and fishing at Nundubbermere Falls at the Sundown National Park south of  Stanthorpe when a rock rolled out from under his foot and he fell three metres down the cliff.

He suffered compound fractures to both his ankles and a head injury.

The alarm was raised with emergency services just before 7.40am, and Queensland Ambulance paramedics were the first to respond.

Paramedics initially called for a helicopter to perform a vertical rescue but due to severe turbulence in the area it was stood down.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services technical rescue crews from Toowoomba and Warwick were called in to help carry the man to a waiting ambulance.

Two QAS units, six QFES and auxiliary firefighting crews, as well a 12 State Emergency Service crews helped carry the man about 3km to the base area on a spinal board.

He was stabilised and taken to Stanthorpe Hospital for treatment by 3.32am.