Malaysian PM given "hundreds of millions" in mystery funds

MALAYSIAN Prime Minister Najib Razak was to face charges of misappropriation of public funds by the country's former Attorney-General, before being sacked by the country's leader.

An investigation by ABC's Four Corners - scheduled to air tonight - is expected to reveal the Attorney-General told a meeting of senior officials of his plan on July 23, 2015, days before he was due to confront the PM.

But after details of the meeting linked, both Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail and Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin were sacked.

Mr Yassin would have taken the Prime Minister's place had Mr Razak been forced from power.

The Four Corners investigation reveals new details regarding how hundreds of millions of dollars have been paid into Mr Razak's own bank accounts without explanation.



ABC reporter Linton Besser and cameraman Louie Eroglu were arrested earlier this month after confronting Prime Minister Razak with questions in public.

The pair were threatened with charges relating to "obstructing a public servant" but were later freed to return to Australia without charge.