Make-up artist Leesa Barr, who is expecting a baby in four weeks, applies make-up to a client.
Make-up artist Leesa Barr, who is expecting a baby in four weeks, applies make-up to a client. Carla Busk Photography

Need to boost your spirits? Make-up is sure to do the trick

MANY women know the joy of sitting back and relaxing as someone experienced takes care of their make-up.

Gladstone has many skilled in this craft including Leesa Barr, who is a hairdresser, make-up artist and beauty therapist.

"I do primarily weddings and fashion shoots. I don't have a salon at home, so I'm more of a mobile hairdresser," she said.

Ms Barr said make-up was not an indulgence.

"There are make-ups now that have sunscreens that are an essential part of life," she said.

"I guess I wear it for two reasons. Number one, it makes you feel great, and number two, the practical benefits with sunscreen."

Ms Barr has a large collection of make-up, but she advises people to start small with quality.

"I'm a mum of two children and one on the way," she said.

"I don't have the luxury of time. I guess I pre-think what (make-up look) I want to do.

Ms Barr said make-up was another way of taking care of yourself.

"I think possibly, women really should take the time to take care of themselves. I think we women tend to put others first," she said.

"They tend to neglect themselves and I think it's very important to take a step back and have a look and think, 'Right, I am going to put lipstick on today, or nail polish'.

"It really does make you feel better. And if you feel better everything else works."


Beauty businesses move with the times

Times are changing and more businesses are thinking outside the box.

Instead of people going to some businesses, businesses are visiting clients.

Pamper parties have become popular.

For Leesa Barr's beauty business it means hitting the road.

"I actually go to someone's home and bring the salon with me," she said.

"We sit at a table and learn how to apply make-up. Or it might be how to blow-dry your hair.

"You'd be surprised how many don't know basics. I think there are a lot of people who are interested but who have never had the opportunity for beauty treatment.

"It is easily self-taught, but it is a lot easier if someone shows them."



  • The make-up used for photos is different to make-up for daily wear.
  • When clients want the make-up they see in a photo, it sometimes looks different on themselves.
  • Search on You Tube for handy DIY make-up tutorials.