Road closed sign
Road closed sign Emily Smith

ROLLING COVERAGE: Roads across region cut by flooding

UPDATE 12.16pm: Residents have reported the road between Sarina and Koumala is now open. However, the public is urged to proceed with caution and never drive through flood waters. 

The Bruce Highway south of Sarina is closed to all traffic.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has reported long-term flooding near Courtneys Gap Rd.

A spokeswoman for TMR said the road was covered in water but could not confirm when it was expected to reopen.

"We encourage everyone to check the Qld traffic website for road closures," she said.

"As soon as the road has reopened, we will update the website."

Rifle Range Road near Sarina is also closed due to flooding and so is Marlborough Sarina Road, just past Swayneville State School. 

Other road closures in the region include:

  • Sarina Homebush Road (near West Plane Creek Road)
  • Palm Tree Road
  • Koumala Bolingbroke Road
  • Marion Settlement Notch Point Road
  • Carmila West Road
  • Barrie Lane
  • North Eton Road
  • Kinchant Dam Road
  • Mirani Eton Road
  • Stockroute Road
  • Pugsley Street
  • Pirie Street
  • Golf Links Road
  • Leichhardt Road
  • Smith Cross Road
  • Mackay Eungella Road
  • Kowari Road
  • Kowari Gorge Road
  • Gorge Road

More details to come.