Magpie snuggles with kangaroo and cat

An Aussie animal lover has shared an adorable video of her rescue magpie snuggling with her other pets.

The video shows the bird, Anandii Macrides reared from hand, nestling between the legs of a baby kangaroo "Taro" and chirping.

The roo then gets up, shaking magpie Ninja off, before and the bird moves over and begins bravely nestling with the cat Michonne.

The female magpie, who the woman has named Ninja, was described by the woman as being "very special".

Ms Macrides told she reared Ninja from hand, after her partner found her on the road last November.

"She was a tiny little fluff ball who had fallen from the nest on a windy night," Ms Macrides said.

"She was so young her beak was still soft, I had another little magpie girl then too called Chip.

"So I've raised (Ninja) since she was tiny. She thinks I'm her mum."

Heart warming videos of Ninja show the magpie nuzzling with Ms Macrides cat and singing with her around her home.

Anandi spotted ninja with her kangaroo.
Anandi spotted ninja with her kangaroo.


The magpie is also friendly with her cat.
The magpie is also friendly with her cat.


She calls the Magpie 'Ninja'.
She calls the Magpie 'Ninja'.

Ms Macrides said magpies are "particularly friendly to people they don't perceive as a threat or people who have shown them kindness".

"They are brilliant at facial recognition and know who is nice and who is not," she said.

"They live extraordinarily long lives for birds, 20 years, and they really do remember a kindness shown to them."

Ms Macrides said other magpies can recognise her voice, flying across paddocks to her so she can feed them when she calls to them.

Magpies are commonly perceived to be aggressive, especially during the Spring and Summer months, when the birds protect their nests by attacking passers by with swooping attacks.

A particularly aggressive magpie was recently shot by the Hills District Council, after the council received numerous complaints about attacks revealed.

Council gained permission to harm the bird with two separate licenses, obtained over 2018 and 2019 after deeming it a danger to the local community.