Magistrate to decide if 4g of meth is enough for jail

A YOUNG Gladstone man will learn today whether he is to be sent to prison on a range of drug offences including driving under the influence and possession.

Zack Allan Ballandis, 21, was ordered on Friday to spend the weekend in the watch-house so Magistrate Dennis Kinsella could have time to decide whether Ballandis should go to jail.

Ballandis pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Friday to charges including driving under the influence, possess utensils and drugs.

About 9.40pm on January 21 police intercepted the blue Mitsubishi Ballandis was driving on the Dawson Hwy, for a RBT. Officers noticed Ballandis had bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils. Officers could also smell marijuana. Ballandis was detained while police searched the car.

Officers found three clip- seal bags, containing a white crystal substance hidden in a sunglasses case.

Ballandis told officers it was ice and the bags were his.

Analysis of the drugs revealed Ballandis had possession of 4.73g of pure methamphetamines.

Police also found a set of scales and several utensils,

Defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield said Ballandis had lost his father to cancer and 2017 was when the young man "really fell off the wagon".

Ballandis was using one gram a day, paid for using the inheritance he received. Ms Ditchfield said sending Ballandis to prison would expose him to more drugs and hinder his rehabilitation.

Ballandis will appear in court at 2pm today.