MAFS star slams ’horrendous’ bride


Married At First Sight's David Cannon absolutely blasted his TV wife Hayley Vernon and the reality show's three experts in an expletive-laden video.

Earlier this week, viewers saw Hayley and David fall out during their honeymoon in Singapore, with David claiming Hayley made disparaging comments about the amount of money he earns.

The next day, David recorded a video in his hotel room in which he slammed the show and his bride.

"They've matched me with a smoking, drug addict, tall woman that is inconsiderate and rude," he said in the video which was obtained by New Idea.

Hayley and David on their wedding day.
Hayley and David on their wedding day.

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Speaking about the MAFS experts who paired him with Hayley, David said: "I am looking forward to taking the experts to task when I see them because they don't know f**king sh*t. Matched me with a drug addict, f**king smoker that's f**king tall. Who the f**k do they think they are? It's just bizarre that they think that was a person that I would fall in love with.

"I wouldn't buy the girl a f**king drink at the bar let alone marry her," he said. "They couldn't organise a f**king root in a brothel, let me tell ya."

In the video, David described Hayley as "fake" and claimed she had arranged a number of sponsorship deals before appearing on the show.

"She's been given brand deals, brand sponsorships," he said. "All her clothes have brand new tags on it that were given to her because she told them she would give them a shout out on Instagram when she gets famous.

"Her teeth were whitened for free. Her lips were injected for free. Her cheeks were injected for free."

Expert Mel Schilling.
Expert Mel Schilling.


Expert John Aiken.
Expert John Aiken.

David also cast doubt on Hayley's claim that she's a bodybuilder and fitness model, saying, "The woman eats carbs like they're going out of fashion.

"She's put on two kilos in a week on her own admission. I think she just trained really hard to get onto this show."

David, who is a truck driver, claimed that the way Hayley speaks to MAFS producers is "despicable, absolutely disgusting".

"She thinks she's a f**king movie star," he said.

He claimed in the video that producers had given him extra money for the day ahead so that he could do an activity alone and wouldn't have to see Hayley.

"They (producers) genuinely feel like, 'Whoa, we didn't expect her to be this f**king crazy,'" he said.

Hayley from MAFS getting her wedding dress. Picture: Channel 9
Hayley from MAFS getting her wedding dress. Picture: Channel 9

He did add that producers were hoping he would sit down with Hayley to film more scenes together, but said any chance of reconciliation was unlikely.

"I know she's a horrendous human being and there's nothing she could say to me that would change my mind," the reality contestant said.

David predicted that his time on the show was very limited, saying he only had to film one dinner party and one commitment ceremony before he could head back home for good.

As for Hayley, last month she was snapped kissing fellow MAFS contestant Poppy Jenkins at a Sydney pub.


Married At First Sight continues tonight on Channel 9 at 7.30pm