Josh blasted the show in a fiery video.
Josh blasted the show in a fiery video.

MAFS star goes rogue: ‘Crock of s**t’

Married At First Sight's Josh Pihlak has gone rogue and blasted the reality show in a scathing video on social media.

In a video posted on Instagram and Facebook yesterday, Josh called the show "a crock of sh*t" and urged people to have a "good hard think" before applying to be on the program.

"First of all I want to say that we're not supposed to be using our social media, we're meant to be keeping it all hush hush and quiet," Josh said in the video. "But I think sometimes it's better to speak up."

Addressing his 'wife', Cathy Evans, Josh confirmed their relationship didn't survive the experiment, saying: "Cathy, beautiful girl, nothing against her, it just didn't work out. It's unfortunate."

Cathy and Josh during their home visit.
Cathy and Josh during their home visit.

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Josh then spoke about how upset he was over Monday night's episode which showed Cathy meeting his family in Newcastle for lunch during a home visit.

The episode made it seem as if the lunch was a disaster with Josh's mum verbally attacking Cathy for giving Josh the silent treatment in the past during a low point in their relationship.

"I knew going into this that it would be highly edited; I was sweet with that," Josh said in the video he posted on social media. "Watching back last night, what transpired and what actually happened was just an absolute joke.

"The reason why I'm speaking up is because it definitely takes a toll when your mum, yourself and your little brothers are even receiving death threats," he said. "It isn't cool.

Josh’s mum, Mandy.
Josh’s mum, Mandy.

"What transpired at that lunch yesterday was an absolute crock of sh*t. Yes, my mum did bring up the three days (of silent treatment) which I shut down straight away."

Josh claimed that producers then told his mum to ask them both three things they liked about each other and three things they didn't.

"My answers were given to different questions," Josh claimed. "It is what it is, nothing I can do about it.

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"It's just so disappointing to see how they made that come across, how much they left out. Me and Cathy actually had a wonderful lunch.

"I just can't stress enough to people who are thinking about trying out for this show … just have a good hard think," he said. "When you sign that contract, any footage, any audio can be cut up and spliced however they choose."

Josh added that it was "ridiculous" that his family has been receiving hate from MAFS viewers.

"I was happy with getting a bad edit, but when it gets personal like that and everyone's receiving death threats, it's a joke," he said.

After posting the video on social media, Josh joked in the comments section: "Can't wait to get sued, they can take my 2002 Subaru with three bald tyres and my finance loans I haven't been paying."

Fellow MAFS contestant Stacey (who was matched with Michael) also commented on the post and wrote: "NO ONE deserves death threats. Speaks volumes of the audience we have attracted. Disgusting and need to look in the mirror when they speak."



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