SNAKE WISE: Brett Modra with an olive python on his Beaconsfield property.
SNAKE WISE: Brett Modra with an olive python on his Beaconsfield property. Stuart Quinn

Mackay close to nabbing snake-bite capital of Qld title

ALMOST a quarter of all snake bites across the state in August came from the Mackay region, with a local snake catcher warning residents to be on the lookout as the weather warms up.

Mackay has recorded 38 snake bites (10.1% of all snake bites in Qld) so far this year, with seven bites in August (22.5% of all bites in Qld), Queensland Ambulance Services data shows.

Mackay snake catcher Brett Modra says this year's mating season has been great for the reptiles, saying the weather has played a massive role.

"The last couple of years the weather has been playing havoc on their natural cycles but this year the snakes have actually had a fairly reasonable winter which has helped with follicle and sperm production, so it will be a very busy breeding season," Mr Modra said.

Mr Modra says residents should watch out for the deadly eastern brown snakes due to their venomous nature.

"Mackay has common tree snakes, brown tree snakes, and I've seen the eastern brown snakes getting very active compared to this time last year so be careful because they are very venomous," he said.

If residents get bitten by a snake, Mr Modra advises to contact an ambulance and stay calm.

"Never try to catch or kill the snake, call a licensed snake catcher and never take your eyes off it," he said. "If you get bitten, stay calm and call an ambulance, the medicine they can provide has come a long way".