IT was love at first sight for Jordan Hoiberg and Monique Hagen when they saw puppy Rosie at the RSPCA Dog Adoption Day on Sunday.

With a staffy at home already, the young couple were out to find him a playmate, and young Rosie fit the bill perfectly.

"She's just gorgeous, gentle and affectionate," said Ms Hagen. "We think they'll get on really well at home."

Rosie was one of the lucky ones, however, with an influx of puppies and not enough homes.

Luckily, foster carers like Kelly Shields are the halfway house for many of these dogs looking for love.

"I love being a foster carer," she said. "And it seems like a never ending job at the moment.

"We've had a really big influx of puppies, like Rosie, and it is heartwarming to see them go to their permanent homes."

All of the animals up for adoption are available for viewing on the RSPCA website.