THE Gladstone 4WD club's "Clarkey's Lowmead Challenge" event was held on Saturday, proving a huge success.

The main attractions on the day were the family competition and the mini comp, with each enticing 20 entrants.

About 300 people attended the event, which was held at Clarkey's Petrolhead Paradise, Lowmead.

"We would have liked a few more, but it was about what we expected," organiser Troy Tenheggeler said.

Of the 20 in the mini competition, about 10 of the cars were "competition" 4WDs, with the remainder "modified".

"The difference is that the competition class is the guys who race competitively," Tenheggeler said.

"Those cars have bigger wheels and internal roll cages; the modified are what you drive on the street."


1st - Animals

2nd - The FJs

3rd - Super Snatch Racing

Weekend Warriors

1st - Bright Spark

2nd - Short Stuff

3rd - Pussy Patrol


1st - Outcast Racing

2nd - Mighty 2.8

3rd - Team Disco


1st - MDS Racing

2nd - Divorce Racing

3rd - Goldilocks Racing