Leigh Zimmerlie.
Leigh Zimmerlie. Luka Kauzlaric

Have a coffee with... GAGAL general manager Leigh Zimmerlie

WE have a coffee and chat with some of Gladstone's familiar faces.

Name: Leigh Zimmerlie

Occupation: Gladstone Area Group Apprentices Ltd (GAGAL) general manager.

Years lived in Gladstone: 36 years (almost local).

How do you take your coffee/tea/beer? Love a bubbly.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon you can find me… enjoying all our region has to offer and with my grandchildren, Cameron, Sophie, Alex, Ella and Olivia.

My guiltiest pleasure… is chocolate.

When I was young, my dream was to…. travel.

I can't remember the last time I… went for a ride on our Harley.

When I leave the NightOwl car park... I turn left.

I would consider Quentin Bryce to be my hero, besides my husband Dennis of course.

When I go out in Gladstone you'll find me at…one of our wonderful and diverse restaurants.

When I feel like splurging I... shop Tiffany and of course spoil my grandchildren.

I would like Dame Helen Mirren (she has a bit of a wild side about her) to play me in the movie about my life.

My first order of business as newly-elected PM would be... to sort out our health system.

What are you spruiking? The importance of business supporting our young people by hosting them into an apprenticeship or traineeship. These young locals are our future skilled workforce.