SUPERMUM: Love is about finding the perfect match

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Superman - made for Supermum Contributed

How some couples work has always fascinated me.

Couples thrive on different things in a relationship.

Some like drama and excitement, others just want safety and companionship.

I'm an old-fashioned girl and I love old-fashioned romance.

It is one of the things I shamelessly love most about reality TV.

One of my favourites, the show First Dates, has had plenty of cringe worthy moments for me but also gives me the satisfactory 'sigh' when a couple hits it off.

And to see at the end those who actually make it on to more than one date makes me so feel good about the world.

I've watched Farmer Wants a Wife and Married at First Sight with high hopes for happy endings.

I even enjoy My Kitchen Rules as much for the interaction between couples as for their cooking.

Seven Year Switch is a whole other issue. This is far from romance. It is more of an unhappy ending.

But that makes me wonder even more why some couples stay together. Or how they even got together in the first place?

Watching this show made me question the same things they were questioning - is there a point in continuing what they have, because it doesn't look like much? But that is something they need to work out for themselves.

Maybe the show will make them appreciate each other more when it is all over.

Watching the show sure makes me appreciate what I have.

I have a husband who truly is my Superman.

If I had a list of love requirements he would tick every box. He is loving, sweet, thoughtful and kind.

Most importantly to me he is generous with his time, something I value the most.

It wasn't always this way. Before we met I had been in my fair share of bad relationships and had some very bad break-ups.

But I learned from those. And I never gave up believing true love was out there.

Because of those bad relationships I now know what it feels like to be with someone who is right for me.

If you are one of those singles out there who is wondering if love is real, believe me, it is.