FAREWELL GLADSTONE: Dr Parvin "Perry” Delshad is leaving Harbour City Family Practice to move to Brisbane. Matt Taylor GLA210219DOCT

Loss for local health as popular doctor prepares to leave

A POPULAR local doctor is feeling bitter-sweet about leaving Gladstone.

Yesterday was Dr Parvin "Perry” Delshad's last day at Harbour City Family Practice.

Dr Delshad started working there as a general practitioner two years ago and was the only female doctor for the majority of that time.

Now she has been replaced by two male doctors as she and her husband prepare to relocate to Brisbane so he can take advantage of a good career opportunity.

Dr Delshad said she was unsure how long the practice would operate without a female doctor.

"I've heard from the practice managers that they're liaising with another female but I don't think it's 100 per cent confirmed but they are trying very hard to find another female,” Dr Delshad said.

She said having a female doctor at a practice was important for patient well-being.

"It's super important, not just female patients but many of the male patients are more comfortable with a female GP,” she said.

"Maybe it's because of the nature of women, who listen a little bit more or are more easy to talk to.

"Being the only female GP in the practice, I tend to see much more female patients but in general women's health is something I enjoy doing, taking care of women as a whole, all their emotional issues (too).”

Dr Delshad said apart from women's health her time was spent focusing on skin cancers, a prevalent condition in tropical areas like Gladstone.

Having forged strong bonds with her patients and colleagues, she had "mixed feelings” about moving but that in life "you had to move forward”.

"I learnt a lot from my colleagues, we have lovely people working here and the patients here - I couldn't believe how caring and passionate and friendly they are,” she said.

"Since I announced I'm leaving I've received so many cards and flowers and presents and all this love makes me sometimes too emotional. I'm going to miss my patients.”