A former Bassett Park racecourse manager fronted Roma Magistrates Court.
A former Bassett Park racecourse manager fronted Roma Magistrates Court.

Long-time Roma racecourse manager faces court

LLOYD Benjamin Waldron has been a model citizen for 65 years, however earlier this week he faced court over a "very minor incident" at the facility he ran.

The 65-year-old former Bassett Park racecourse manager fronted Roma Magistrates Court on August 5 for the charge of common assault.

Police prosecutor Heather Whiting told the court that Waldron met the victim at Bassett Park racecourse at 6am on November 20, 2019.

"At this time the defendant was conducting his duties as a council worker/caretaker and approached the witness, who is the wife of the victim, to request information regarding the number of horses he's got on the premises," sgt Whiting said.

The court heard Waldron was following the victim and his wife around the racecourse while conducting his duties, when the victim told Waldron to leave him alone.

"The victim said the defendant was agitated and pushed him," Sgt Whiting said.

Sgt Whiting told the court Waldron pushed the elderly man - who is younger than Waldron - twice. 

Solicitor Craig van der Hoven told the court that the matter should be dealt with by way of "absolute discharge".

"He was born and bred in the Roma region," Mr van der Hoven said.

"In 2005 he was employed by the regional council as the manager of Bassett Park and he maintained that position until earlier this year."

The court heard the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission had fined the victim in September 2019.

Magistrate Peter Saggers said he was aware of previous incidences between Waldron and the victim.

"It is what I could describe as a very minor incident, in my view," Magistrate Saggers said.

"Your referees speak highly of you and note that you have an unblemished and highly productive life."

Waldron was not handed any punishment and was released absolutely, with no conviction recorded.