DEDICATED: Brian Pitt, Yvonne Langford, Robyn Cain, Vicki Dennien and Les Dennien.
DEDICATED: Brian Pitt, Yvonne Langford, Robyn Cain, Vicki Dennien and Les Dennien. Matt Taylor GLA101117QAS

QAS long service awards recognised at Calliope

LOCAL Ambulance Committee President for Calliope, Brian Pitt, was presented with a long service medal alongside five of his colleagues, at a QAS ceremony last Friday.

The event, doubling as an open day at the station, provided an opportunity for Queensland Ambulance Service in Calliope to acknowledge and thanks it LAC members for their contribution to the service.

Mr Pitt, who received an award for 10 years' service, labelled it a great honour.

"It's a great achievement, with great satisfaction," Mr Pitt said.

"The Local Ambulance Committee is part of the education part of the ambulance system, for example, triple 0, CPR, and basic education things about ambulance.

"What the LAC does is fundraise and provide services for the local ambulance that is normally not available from state.

"For example, we've purchased manikins so officers can go and train school children and do CPR around the neighbourhood.

"A lot of the things we purchase help save lives."

Mr Pitt received his medal and certificate alongside five others, for commitment to service over five years, 10 years, and 20 years.

Officer in Charge for Calliope, Mr John Hodson, said the role of the LAC was pivotal.

"Local Ambulance Committee basically is the voice to the community between the community and the ambulance service.

"If the community has issues, they can go to the local ambulance committee, then bring those to us in the meetings we have, and then we figure out how to do it.

"That can be delivery of service, from things like CPR awareness, first aid, snake bit awareness which we all have programs for; it can also be things like remote medical assistance, different people, different patients with different medical needs."

Asked if he planned on another 10 years' service, Mr Pitt was up for anything.

"I haven't really thought about it," he said.

"The 10 years has gone so quick, it's hard to believe it's been so long."