Time to discover history within capsule at Ubobo Bush Festival

Family waits for keepsake to be revealed in time capsule

IN 1988, Ubobo did not have a bitumen road. The train line was still operating and the lives of residents were vastly different.

It was also the year four time capsules were buried, to be opened at 25-year intervals.

The first is now due to be opened on June 8, 2013, amid Queensland Week celebrations at the Ubobo Bush Festival.

And when it is, Jade Pengelly is expecting a family keepsake to be revealed. Her great-grandmother, Julia Wedge, placed something in the capsule for her.

Julia was the president of the CWA and had a large involvement with the bush bash. At the time, Jade was Julia's only great-granddaughter.

"All of my cousins call it Jade's Rock," she said.

She said since then, every time she had driven past the rock she'd felt a shiver of excitement for the day she could open the time capsule.

Jade was three at the time it was buried.

"I just remember gran on the truck giving her speech," Jade said. "There would have been over a thousand of people there."

The time capsule will be reloaded and opened in 2020, the 100-year anniversary of the Ubobo township.

Jade's grandmother, Margaret Pengelly, said she and Jade would be placing something in this capsule.

"I've already got mine sorted. I'm going to leave it to my grandkids," she said.

Long-time Boyne Valley resident Alistair McLachlan was there on the day the capsule was buried.

"It was during the 1988 bicentennial bash," Mr McLachlan said.

The president at the time of the bush bash committee said his wife and family placed items in the capsule.

The capsule is buried in the front of the Ubobo Memorial Hall.