BIZARRE is the word a neighbour used to describe the events which unfolded in the past two days on Gouldson Drive.

His quiet suburban neighbourhood in Kearneys Spring has been shaken by a huge influx of police.

On Tuesday afternoon, the police lockdown and presence of fire trucks and ambulances had residents asking what on earth was going on.

The neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was told by police it was a chemical spill and to drive the car around the back and stay inside.

He was shocked to learn the real reason for the activity and why the police were still there in the morning, searching the house directly across from his.

As the father-of-three would find out later that night, police found disturbing diary entries and dangerous chemicals allegedly used for making bombs at the home of 27-year-old Dean Lorimer.

>> Bomb chemicals accused denied bail

Police search a van and items at a Gouldson Drive residence connected to a charge of obtaining bomb making chemicals . Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015 . Photo Nev Madsen / The Chronicle
Police search a Gouldson Dr home when bomb-making chemicals were found. Nev Madsen

Mr Lorimer was yesterday charged with preparing to commit crimes with dangerous things.

"It was the parents who told police, wasn't it?" the neighbour asked, vague on the details of what was going on.

"They had other children, and their grandkids were always there playing in the cubby house they have out the back.

"This street used to be a dead end and we would all get together, but in the last few years it has quietened down.

"We didn't know the family very well. They seemed pretty quiet. Sometimes we saw them and waved."

Zack Richardson had wandered out onto the street from the house at the end of the street where he stayed with his girlfriend.

"We didn't really know the people there," Mr Richardson said.

"My girlfriend was upset. You don't expect this to happen on your street."

The neighbours said their street was reopened about 8.30pm Tuesday after bomb squad and other specialists were called in to clear the chemicals.

A crime scene was established at the house and it remained under police guard as officers continued their search yesterday.