Locals get to join in with own range of hi-vis vests

Welcome to Fiction Friday, the once-a-week time for us all to have a bit of fun at the end of the working week. Note: The story below is completely fictional. Any resemblance to real people, events or issues is purely coincidental.

GLADSTONE Regional Council is set to release a range of hi-vis safety vests just for locals to wear.

With the influx of industry workers to the city, the sight of hi-vis vests is a common one.

However, long-time Gladstone locals have been feeling a little overwhelmed and left out, according to Mayor Gayle Sollars.

"Ratepayers have been telling us they feel like their city has been invaded by all these strangers wearing bright colours," Ms Sollars said.

"As well as making them feel left out, it hurts their eyes on bright, sunny days."

The specially-designed vests will help locals to identify each other.

"We haven't yet decided how people will be classed as locals," Ms Sollars said.

"From the feedback we've received, locals are people who remember the harbour when it was blue, and they like trees and fishing.

"We've always thought 'locals' were people who lived in Gladstone, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

"We're still trying to decide where to draw the line."

However, Gladstone police sergeant Andy da Mann has warned against the idea, saying it could lead to fights between groups of people dressed in different coloured vests.

"We could end up with a situation where out of town workers get into a violent situation with these easily-identified locals," Sgt Mann said.

"It tends to happen in the CBD every weekend anyway, but there's no point making it easier for everyone to identify their supposed arch-enemies.

"The government would have to pass new laws banning hi-vis vests, in the same way they're legislating against bikies wearing patches."