Event organisers should look to local businesses first

AT a recent Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc network meeting, chamber president Rick Hansen raised an interesting discussion, highlighting that some things just don't change.

In 1994, Gladstone Chamber of Commerce president P. M. Jones stated in an article: "Surely a Chamber of Commerce whose standing as a public body without political or religious bias, and recognised all over the civilised world by governments and civil authorities as a body of primary importance, should at least, have the support of all business interests.

It is not so in Gladstone. Is it apathy? Is it the climate? If not, what is it?" So what is it?

To create change it takes many people to interact and businesses to band together. It takes core values and commitment.

The Buy Local program can only work if local businesses and the community are supporting its core goals of: consumers supporting local business, improving local businesses to meet consumer demand, and attracting investment and expansion of local business.

There are so many examples, where these goals are not supported.

Just one example includes the number of functions recently being held in Gladstone with businesses from outside the region contracted to provide services (catering, music and children's rides).

As local businesses can provide these services, we can only hope that organisers of these events have considered them first.

It is things like this that make a huge difference.