Local sees plenty of positives with road fix

LONG-TIME Boyne Valley resident Burke McLachlan has seen plenty of change throughout the years.

But there's one thing that's remained consistent since his youth - the state of the road between Nagoorin and Ubobo.

The cattle farmer is no stranger to the road - travelling it almost every day - and was happy to hear the news of a $1.7-million fix while stopped at Ubobo General Store.

"It will be a relief to be feeling safe when you have to get off this stretch of road with a truck load of cattle," Mr McLachlan said.

"You literally feel like you're going to cut your tyres when you get back on it."

Gladstone Monto Rd looking south towards Ubobo.
Gladstone Monto Rd looking south towards Ubobo. MATT HARRIS

Brother to Boyne Valley advocate Mark McLachlan, Mr McLachlan said the road widening was long overdue.

"I can remember when that strip of bitumen was put in when I was a kid in the 1960s," he said.

Mr McLachlan agreed fixing the road offered greater odds of attracting tourists to the area.

"It will make them come back rather than saying 'I won't take my expensive caravan up the single lane'," he said.

Mr McLachlan also felt a completed road could help increase housing prices in the area.