Peet Charity House finds "perfect buyers for the perfect house"

Local investors buying charity house a happy end to project

THEY'RE the local heroes who bought the Peet Charity House at Vantage Estate - but David and Nelma Samuelson knew the property when it was just a block of dirt.

And they're hoping their investment will deliver plenty of good karma.

Capricorn Survey Group's David Samuelson surveyed the house before construction, and said it didn't dawn on him until auction day that he could be a contender for ownership.

"(It was) like a fluro bulb, flick flick and then on," he said.

The four-bedroom house was passed through at auction late February, but has now been bought for $510,000 by the Samuelsons.

David's wife Nelma, an accountant, said they wanted to keep the house in local hands.

"That was the most important thing for me," she said.

"We own a commercial property. This is our first residential investment property."

For Leanne Buccholz who instigated the project, she said she's happy to see the story finish on a high note.

"It's just fantastic to see the end of such a wonderful project," she said.

"It's had over 70 local businesses involved and it's been almost three years in the making, so it's just great to see it come to fruition."

Organisers had hoped the house would make $250,000 but the net profit came to just over $149,000.

This money will be divided between four local beneficiaries; Gladstone Exodus Tutorial Centre, Roseberry Community Services, Gladstone Chaplaincy and Variety.

Gladstone Chaplaincy 2012 chairwoman Carmelita Van Deventer said they will be receive 10% of the takings.

"(It will) keep our chaplains employed in our schools to support all our children," Ms Van Deventer said.

"High school chaplains are community funded, completely."