Indifferent will be playing at RG's on Saturday 12
Indifferent will be playing at RG's on Saturday 12

Persistence pays off for young musical duo

FOR nearly two years Gladstone locals Callan Reah and Olivia Schulze have been entertaining crowds around Gladstone as the musical duo Indifferent.

"We were both into theatre and performing and that's how we met," Callan said.

"But in terms of playing music I started playing guitar about a year before we began performing professionally.

"I wasn't the most confident singer then, I'd played piano, but never really sang.

"I saw Olivia singing and playing a song she'd written, so I put the proposal to her that I'd play the guitar and she would sing."

After three practice sessions the pair landed their first gig.

"Our first paid gig was pretty nerve-wracking," Callan said.

"It was at the Agnes Water 1770 Captain Cook Festival in front of a hundred or more people.

"We went on just before awesome indigenous Australian performer Ben Barker who plays didgeridoo, drums and guitar all at the same time.

"It wasn't our best performance, but we got to play what we liked playing in front of an alternative crowd."


GLADSTONE BAND: Callan Reah and Olivia Schulze are the duo Indifferent.
GLADSTONE BAND: Callan Reah and Olivia Schulze are the duo Indifferent.

Callan said they persisted and have become regulars at pubs and clubs around Gladstone.

"When we first started I was wondering if there was a future in playing live music around here," he said.

"But in the last six months Danny Giles from STS Entertainment has started up and he's been pushing things.

"As our agent he's exceeded our expectations and the live music scene is going really well in Gladstone now.

"Some nights we'll play to 100 people, other nights the numbers vary."

He said the duo has temporarily expanded.

"My friend from Israel has joined us as a drummer," Callan said.

"So we've got a full band now and we're working on some original pieces.

"It was our plan last year to produce an album, but while our drummer is still in Australia all our energy is going into the band at the moment.

"We're yet to come up with a plan for 2019, but we're hoping to record some original material.

"It's a bit of a challenge, but it's definitely something we want to do."

In the meantime they are looking forward to a busy start to the year.

"We'll continue to do our best to give people what they want to hear," Callan said.

"We might not know every song off the top of our heads, but Horses has taken over Wonderwall as one of our most requested songs.

"It's like Australia's unofficial national anthem.

Their advice for anyone wanting kick off playing in Gladstone's live music scene?

"It's pretty simple," Callan said.

"The trick is to just do it."