LNP vote Cynthia Hardy as acting president


Agribusiness consultant Cynthia Hardy is the new acting president of the LNP after a three-cornered contest.

The party's state executive held the vote Monday evening following the resignation of Dave Hutchinson on Friday.

Ms Hardy, the party's vice president, had been seen as an ally of Mr Hutchinson.

The former president resigned after public pressure from senior party members, after a high-profile falling out with State Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington and Lawrence Springborg being dropped from the executive.


LNP Queensland new acting President Cynthia Hardy.
LNP Queensland new acting President Cynthia Hardy.

In a statement Ms Hardy backed Ms Frecklington.

"I joined the LNP in March of 2009 as a frustrated Queenslander because of the direction our State was heading," she said.

"As a business owner it was obvious to me that the Labor Government did not have a clue. It was true then and it is even more true today.

"While the presidency has changed our goal has not.

"The LNP must win the next election, so that Deb Frecklington and her team can work with Prime Minister Scott Morrison to get Queensland working again."

She said she thanked and acknowledged the efforts of Mr Hutchinson and the platform he laid in the lead-up to the October 31 election.

"As President, David presided over many successes, none-the-least of which were the remarkable result the LNP achieved at the 2019 Federal election, winning the Mayoralty and Brisbane City Council election, retaining Currumbin at this year's by-election, facilitating the consolidation and growth of the Party's assets and encouraging many more women to become candidates and take up leadership roles within the LNP," she said.

Originally published as LNP vote Cynthia Hardy as acting president