LNP MP: Give me same rise as public servants

IPSWICH West MP Sean Choat has written to Premier Campbell Newman asking for a pay rise similar to those given to public servants.

Mr Choat was angered by the $57,000 pay rise for MPs and said it should be "in the two per cent to three per cent bracket like our state government employees are getting".

Mr Choat welcomed Premier Campbell Newman's announcement yesterday that an independent tribunal would determine the future remuneration and allowances for state MPs under a five-point plan to reform the Queensland Parliament's entitlements system.

That includes breaking the link between federal and state politicians' remuneration and reviewing the electoral allowance system.

"I am really pleased Campbell is back (from holidays) and he had direct feedback from me where I documented exactly how I felt about the pay rise situation," Mr Choat said.

"He got copies of my pay slip from this week and the previous one and the QT article I did this week.

"The people in my electorate are angry and I am here to represent what the majority want.

"I said I would be satisfied to receive as a pay rise the average of what state government employees are getting. But as soon as the parliament sits in two weeks we will ensure that the state MPs' wages and conditions revert back to where they were before the pay rise."

Mr Choat has looked at his first pay slip and done his sums. He said the $57,000 pay rise less tax leaves $26,000 extra take home pay.

With $36,000 in cuts to his electoral allowance, he is $10,000 worse off.

But Mr Choat will be even further in the red because he said this week he would use his pay rise to top up the cuts to his allowance after it was slashed by 50 per cent.

"At least the tax man makes out like a bandit," he said.

"If it wasn't so serious it could be an April Fool's Day joke. I don't think this whole situation is common sense practical use of public money."

Mr Choat said electoral allowances should be used in the electorate or paid back, and that is the gist of one of Mr Newman's suggestions.