Ken O'Dowd (left) and Senator Canavan.
Ken O'Dowd (left) and Senator Canavan. Mike Richards GLA070417MATT

LNP Ministers backing O'Dowd's performance

QUEENSLAND Senator Matt Canavan has praised Flynn MP Ken O'Dowd's job performance, one week before Mr O'Dowd faces the first preselection challenge of his political career.

The LNP Senator and Minister for Resources and Northern Australia said he was unable to comment on the preselection, but made it clear he thought Mr O'Dowd was doing a positive job in Canberra.

"He's helped deliver projects like the Rookwood Weir and he's been at the forefront of the fight for cheaper power prices," Senator Canavan said.

"We need strong people like Ken in Canberra.

"But I'll leave the vote for the members consider."

The position was echoed by Agriculture and Water Resources Minister David Littleproud at CQUniversity's Marina campus yesterday.

Mr Littleproud said Mr O'Dowd had been a mentor to him during his early years in federal politics.

"I probably wouldn't be a Minister if I hadn't been lucky to friend up with Ken," he said.

"The reality is Ken is a cogent voice in Canberra.

"That's an important thing... so that when he does walk through a Minister's office, he can articulate what he's looking for and get results."

Mr O'Dowd is facing a preselection challenge from Gladstone Region councillor and former Banana Shire mayor Glenn Churchill, who has made it clear he is unable to comment on the preselection process.

The vote will take place among LNP members next weekend.