The MP regarded as the frontrunner for LNP leader, Lawrence Springborg, looking calm before discussion begins
The MP regarded as the frontrunner for LNP leader, Lawrence Springborg, looking calm before discussion begins Emma McBryde

Springborg promises "new style of LNP" as KAP says no deal

ALP Conference: LABOR MP Jackie Trad has condemned the LNP's choice of leadership.

"They reached into the past to deal with the challenges of the future," she said.

She said the LNP did not take the opportunity to distance themselves from the chaos and arrogance of the Newman government.

She said both Lawrence Springborg and John-Paul Langbroek had been senior decision-makers over the past three years.

Both sides accused each other of not having a plan.

KAP Conference: THE two Katter's Australian Party MPs who could hold the keys to power have refused to throw their hat in with the LNP, despite the change in leadership.

Dalrymple MP Shane Knuth said they refused to deal with any remnants of the Newman government's leadership team.

Although Lawrence Springborg and John-Paul Langbroek were both in cabinet as health minister and education minister, respectively, the KAP are more comfortable dealing with the two new leaders.

Mr Knuth said they would continue to deal with the LNP and Labor MPs and refused to commit to either side.

Mt Isa MP Rob Katter swatted away suggestions having an LNP leader from regional Queensland would give KAP more promise at the negotiating table.

"We wouldn't exist in a separate party if we believed that made a difference," he said.

"We believe regional and rural Queensland have been forgotten for a long time regardless of what party sits there."

LNP Conference: IN HIS first media conference as the resurrected leader of the LNP party, Lawrence Springborg heralded in a new style of LNP.

He said he understood the people of Queensland wanted them to be more empathetic.

"I think what happened is we lost contact by not empathising with Queenslanders," Mr Springborg said.

He said Campbell Newman saw the party through difficult times and no one should take away from what he achieved.

But Mr Springborg said people could relate more to how he ran things.

Mr Springborg refuted suggestions all of the LNP's promises were based on money generated from asset leases.

He said if the party took government there were many health and education projects that would still go ahead without the leases.

Mr Springborg said he and John-Paul Langbroek were chosen for their experience and the trust their colleagues had in them.

"What we need in these particular times is experience and competence," he said.

Lawrence Springborg will be the new LNP leader and John-Paul Langbroek will be his deputy.

Mr Langbroek took over from Mr Springborg when he retired from the leadership in 2009.

But Campbell Newman took over from Mr Langbroek when the LNP took power in 2012.

Chief whip Ted Sorenson refused to give the voting numbers when he made the announcement.

EARLIER: LNP MPs are still holed up in a Parliament House room to decide their next leadership team, but reports are already flying that Lawrence Springborg has again been made leader.

EARLIER: THE race is officially on as LNP MPs huddle together in a Parliament House room to decide the party's new leader and deputy leader.

Two former leaders, Lawrence Springborg and John-Paul Langbroek, arrived early for the meeting.

Mr Springborg is widely regarded as a front-runner to take the top spot and was authorised to deal with the three cross-benchers over the past week.

But Mr Langbroek's has also been thrown about.

Fiona Simpson has been open about her decision to put her hand up for a leadership spot and led a group of people into this morning's meeting.

But fellow leadership contender Scott Emerson arrived at the meeting without any MPs in tow.

Tim Mander and John McVeigh were being reported as favourites to stand together, with Mr McVeigh to stand as Mr Mander's deputy.

EARLIER: THE LNP is meeting in Brisbane to decide who will lead their party.

According to an APN poll, Southern Downs MP Lawrence Springborg and Maroochydore MP Fiona Simpson are the two favourites to take over from Premier Campbell Newman. 

APN Newsdesk reporter Emma McBryde is covering the party meeting live. 

Her tweets can be seen below. Updates as they come. 

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