LNP event 'hijacked', MP called out by 'troublemaker'

GLENN Wilson from the peaceful Hibiscus Coast hijacked a Liberal National Party press conference in Mackay complaining he was sick of empty promises from politicians during election cycles.

Mr Wilson overshadowed what was to be a good announcement for the LNP as deputy leader Deb Frecklington promised to spend $14million spend on two major road upgrades and a commitment to fast-track the Sarina Range repairs.

The man took aim directly at his LNP Member of Parliament, Jason Costigan, saying he had promised to fix the Mount Ossa-Seaforth Rd when he was first elected with the Campbell Newman Government in 2012.

LNP press conference hijacked: LNP press conference hijacked
LNP press conference hijacked: LNP press conference hijacked

In 2014, Mr Costigan and Mr Wilson worked together to submit a 2183 signature petition to parliament asking for the gravel section of the road to be sealed.

However then Minister for Transport and Main Roads Scott Emerson denied their request saying "investment to seal the unsealed section, upgrade bridges and improve the flood immunity is desirable, however funding is limited and must be allocated according to priority across the state".

Two elections on, Mr Wilson is out of patience, and the road is still not fixed. He said when he contacted Mr Costigan on Facebook he was blocked and had also been told to leave a community meeting.

"We have one political party after another promise to do something about the disgraceful state the road is in," Mr Wilson said.

"It's bitumen halfway and there is 8km of disaster at the other end.

"I have not heard a word from (Mr Costigan) for three years."


Glenn Wilson gave a serve to member for Whitsunday Jason Costigan on when he believed were empty promises on the upgrade to the Mt Ossa Seaforth Rd.
Glenn Wilson gave a serve to Member for Whitsunday Jason Costigan over what he believes were empty promises on the upgrade to the Mt Ossa-Seaforth Rd. Tony Martin

Mr Costigan hit back saying Mr Wilson had political ties to the Australian Labor Party.

He said the poor condition of the road to Cape Hillsborough was the result of years of neglect by the ALP, which had won all but one State election in the past 30 years.

"This press conference has been hijacked today and that is disappointing," Mr Costigan said.

"The person who has come here today is nothing more than a trouble maker... someone has tipped him off (about the press conference) and I wonder who it was," Mr Costigan said.

Mr Wilson told The Daily Mercury he was tipped off by someone at Mackay Regional Council on Wednesday when he complained about how the council had maintained the road.

In the council chambers on Wednesday, Mr Wilson said: "The maintenance of this road is the council's responsibility and it seems you have failed us. You have not impressed upon the State Government the importance of maintaining this road. Two times a year is not only dangerous, it's ridiculous."

As for who passed on the tip, Mr Costigan asked "who was the Labor mole on the council administration who tipped him off?"

"I have my own suspicions," he said, without revealing who that was.