Retiring MP hopes 'Glenn will remain Glenn'

GLADSTONE voters were focused on a single issue on Saturday, retiring MP Liz Cunningham said.

"The sale of assets was the big thing on people's minds," she said.

"I was hoping that we would re-elect an independent, and I backed Craig Butler for that reason, but an election is about voters and the voters made their decision."

Mrs Cunningham said it would now be up to Glenn Butcher and the Labor Party to make sure the port was not privatised.

"I have known Glenn for a long, long time and I respect him. I just hope he remains Glenn and doesn't get captured by the party.

"The new government needs to make sure it keeps the budget in some kind of balance and not sell assets.

"This community was very sensitised to the prospect of privatisation of our port and what that might mean."

Mrs Cunningham said her wish before the election was that there would be a correction which would make for a less one-sided parliament, and that Campbell Newman would lose Ashgrove.

"However, with the massive swing a lot of very good backbenchers have lost their seats," she said.

"Now we are likely to have a lot of new people in government, many of whom have little ministerial experience."