PASSIONATE sustainable gardening and lifestyle advocate Jerry Coleby-Williams had plenty to say to his Gladstone followers about just how affordable gardening can be.

Mr Coleby-Williams, who has a love for pythons and believes every garden should have one for the value they can add, is a strong enthusiast for sustainable living.

The Queensland presenter for Gardening Australia was a special guest at Gladstone's popular Ecofest.

He has proven that living a sustainable lifestyle by having a sustainable garden and house can be done on the cheap, for a relative song.

"I can do it in my household of three for $30,000 a year," he explains.

"We live on half the average income for a Queenslander."

Planting a fruit tree was one of his tips.

Mr Coleby-Williams said that from his Tahitian Lime tree he last year made jam and was able to sell hundreds of jars.

"It helped pay for a few weeks of my mortgage repayments," he said.

Another tip was to always try and grow a surplus and use this to trade "over the fence" for other items.

"I don't have avocados or keep chickens so I barter for these things.

"I have a surplus of seeds, herbs and fruit."

Mr Coleby-Williams said he goes for "heritage seeds" and some years ago had given the Queen Elizabeth seeds that originated from the First Fleet.

He had since been informed that the lettuces were growing well at Balmoral Castle.