HEALTHY: A barramundi (left) in the live tank at the 2018 Boyne Tannum HookUp.
HEALTHY: A barramundi (left) in the live tank at the 2018 Boyne Tannum HookUp. Mike Richards

Live catches looking healthy at HookUp

TRACKING fish health has become a whole lot easier for the Infofish Australia team with the introduction of electronic recording.

Stefan Sawynok from Infofish said the technology was very happy being able to enter data through a laptop rather than via pen and paper.

"The single biggest one is changing from the traditional paper-based way of recording into electronic - we've been doing that all day,” Mr Sawynok said.

"What that means is we actually know what the fish have been up to instead of having to wait about a month to get that data in and process it.

"We can actually look at what's coming in in real time.

"This is what we do normally but we've just added in an extra dimension to what we've been doing anyway and we are saving ourselves a heap of time.

"Unfortunately the boat ramp surveys are still going to be manually entered.”

Rocky Barra Bounty official and researcher Stefan Sawynok.
Stefan Sawynok. Contributed

Mr Sawynok said all the fish to come through the live weigh-in so far have had no major concerns regarding their external health.

"All the fish coming through have looked good from a health standpoint,” he said.

"We've had some pretty decent barred javelin and mangrove jack coming through... It's always good to see some fish that would have almost certainly ended up on the dinner plate getting a second chance out there.”