Litterbugs urged to clean as part of state-wide initiative

GLADSTONE Regional Council is calling on residents and visitors to help reduce the amount of litter that enters the environment as part of a state-wide initiative to rid Queensland of its "untidiest state" tag.

The Keep Queensland Beautiful initiative, which is supported by the government, has been launched as a direct response to news that Queensland has again earned the mantle of being the nation's untidiest.

The council's environment portfolio spokesman Col Chapman urged residents to do the right thing and help reduce the amount of litter in the region.

"The National Litter Index, which measures litter item numbers and volumes at 983 sites across the nation, found that Queensland had the most littered items for the past three consecutive years," Cr Chapman said.

"Although council prefers to educate people on responsible waste disposal, council can impose fines of up to $1600 for individuals and $6000 for corporations found littering."

Cr Chapman urged residents who noticed littering and illegal dumping offences to contact  the council on 4970 0700 or email

"We have the world's best-known and iconic coral reef on our doorstep. Littering has a direct impact on the environment as it is visually intrusive, releases waste into the natural ecosystems causing disease and death for native animals, and is a safety concern for users of the natural areas," he said.

"Anything that is thrown into a gutter or drain will eventually make its way into a waterway and into the sea."

Cr Chapman urged residents to do the right thing and dispose of litter properly.

"Let's lead by example and keep the Gladstone region beautiful," he said.