TOP WORK: Scott Keirsnewski is presented with his award.
TOP WORK: Scott Keirsnewski is presented with his award. Gladstone Cricket Incorporated G

LISTEN: Volunteers make the sporting clubs run in all sports

CRICKET: Countless hours coaching Gladstone Brothers juniors and helping around the club has reaped just rewards for club secretary Scott Keirsnewski.

Not that volunteers yearn for individual accolades because it's something that they love to do.

Keirsnewski was awarded Central Queensland's November Volunteer of the Month presented to him by Central Queensland regional cricket officer Kade Horan.

"I think it's a Queensland Cricket initiative to recognise people within the cricketing community," he said.

"So each region gets to nominate a person each month and I don't know who does the nominations and I did ask the question and I got told that's between the association and club."

Regardless of who chose Keirsnewski described his award as an honour and a privilege.

But he quickly went on to say it was all about getting more people either to get involved or to play the game.

"Every sport, no matter what it is, are always light on people helping out and I'd like to push more and more people to come down and lend a hand," he said.

"Many hands make light work and it's a great way to make new friendships and I have got friends for life since I have been involved with cricket here and in Rockhampton."

Keirsnewski hailed from the Beef Capital before he moved to Gladstone for work 28 years ago.

"I first started playing cricket for Meteors for the first couple of years and then I was a foundation member of Gladstone Brothers senior cricket and been incorporated with Brothers in juniors for all that time that we have been together too," Keirsnewski said.

Brothers celebrated its 25th anniversary in April last year and Keirsnewski has been there for the whole duration.

He took on coaching duties 10 years ago in the Milo Cricket program and once his son started to play the sport, he moved into junior coaching.

"We have got a good little spread of players coming through now and we are actually in a rebuilding stage at the moment," Keirsnewski said.

"The player numbers in the older age groups and senior levels have dropped off completely and we are really trying to build our club from the ground up."

He hopes the Cricket Australia program of Junior Blasters which targets the five to eight-year age bracket.

"The Master Blaster is an extension to when we use to run the under-10 competitions so we moved the U10 competition to the Masters Blaster structure," Keirsnewski said.

"We didn't have to change too much and it just gets a bit more backing from Cricket Australia."


Saturday 10am

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BITS v Frenchville and BITS Oval; The Glen v Rocky Brothers and Sun Valley Oval

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