LISTEN 'Mandate emerging ... people want me to lead': Trevor

CHRIS Trevor says he will meet with Matt Burnett tonight to discuss nominating for Deputy Mayor.

Mr Trevor has received a "clear mandate from the people" with results showing him hundreds of votes ahead of his closest rival Cindi Bush based on the latest figures.

While there are still a considerable number of votes to be counted, there is limited chance he won't emerge as the highest polling candidate.

"Obviously people have given me a mandate to argue the Gladstone region's position in relation to three matters that I campaigned on," Mr Trevor said.

"That was obviously aged care, fiscal management and jobs. Provided the future mayor and I can agree on that mandate then there is every chance I will nominate for deputy mayor."

LISTEN: Chris Trevor says "I think there's a mandate emeging ... people want me to lead" 

As the top eight have broken away from the rest of the pack, Mr Trevor said it was clear some "quality people" would be sitting on the new council.

However he also acknowledged that equally as deserving candidates would miss out.

"At the end of the day the people have spoken and they've spoken very loudly and clearly and it would be very difficult for me not to accept the role (of deputy mayor) or at least not to nominate for the role."

Today results were released from four booths; Gladstone Central, West Gladstone, Miriam Vale and Rosedale.

Those figures appear to have cemented the top four positions, but there is still a chance we will see movement among the highest polling candidates.

Results from Kin Kora, Tannum Sands, Seaview and the pre-poll votes are expected to be counted and uploaded to the ECQ website today.

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BREAKING | Results are revealing who will win a spot on Gladstone's next council.

Posted by The Observer on Monday, March 21, 2016