LISTEN: 'I was really surprised with the goodwill': Masters

WHILE there was some conflict among the mayoral candidates in the last week leading up to polling day, the councillor candidates have run what has been described as "the cleanest election".

There were no signs of a smear campaign and candidates were even actively helping each other, offering advice and brokering deals to hand out each other's' 'how to vote' cards.

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LISTEN: Peter Masters:  'I was really surprised with the level of goodwill'

Mayoral candidate Michelle Wagner was just one among the group willing to help each other and on Election Day was handing out all the candidates' material which she had neatly arranged on the table.

Councillor candidates Peter Masters said the group had grown close since the start of the campaign.

With many people new to politics, it wasn't long before the candidates came to see each other as a support network, rather than competitors.