LISTEN | Staines suffers family loss in 'emotional' campaign

ALEX Staines has been on an emotional rollercoaster since voters began placing their ballots in the box; and not just because he was an election candidate hoping for a spot on the council.

In the lead up to Election Day Mr Staines, who based on the final results released by the Electoral Commission Queensland today missed out by 72 votes, was also dealing with a death in the family.

The night before pre-polling opened, Mr Staines' 94-year-old grandmother Nell Clarke passed away after a difficult final four months.

Instead of nervously checking the ECQ's website as the election results began trickling in on Monday and Tuesday, Mr Staines was in Gympie attending a funeral.

Alex Staines' 94-year-old grandma died in the lead up to the election.
Alex Staines' 94-year-old grandma died in the lead up to the election.

He said the loss of his grandma, and the slow process of counting, compounded his stress making the experience even more emotional than expected.

"It made it very difficult (to stay focused) especially in that last week because I knew where I was needed," Mr Staines said.

"While others may have been able to prioritise their political aspirations over the family aspect that wasn't where I needed to be."

LISTEN Alex Staines talks about the loss of his grandma in the final week of the campaign 

At the peak of his election campaign Mr Staines was busy helping his mother plan the funeral.

He said the days following Election Day was a "very difficult time", made worse by the delay in results which he blames on the ECQ's new trial system.

Mr Staines didn't criticise the introduction of the new system, or the trial, but says the slow publishing of results didn't meet community expectations.

"It was what it was and it is what it is, as my grandmother would say," Mr Staines said.  

"It was more a case of an expectation that we would have an answer around some of those results a lot quicker than we have done on this occasion."