HAZARD: Potholes after heavy rain on Toolooa Street, Gladstone.
HAZARD: Potholes after heavy rain on Toolooa Street, Gladstone. Luka Kauzlaric

LIST: 36 Gladstone, Calliope roads to be 'micro-surfaced'

ROADS in Clinton, West Gladstone and Calliope are about to undergo $400,000 worth of maintenance.

Approximately 65,000m² of traffic areas will benefit from a bituminous micro-surfacing program taking place between mid-May and early June, depending on the weather.

Clinton will have 19 roads affected, West Gladstone 14 and Calliope three (scroll to the bottom for the full list).

Gladstone Regional Council said asphalt surfacing in urban areas was also under way, while bitumen sealing of some rural roads had recently been completed.

The work will be carried out by Victorian company Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd, which is no stranger to the Gladstone region having worked here many times before.

Council awarded Downer the contract, worth $407,462.50, ahead of Brisbane company Colas Queensland Pty Ltd which also tabled a submission, which was $87,000 more expensive.

Councillor Peter Masters acknowledged the work wouldn't be carried out by a local company, but said GRC was "very happy" with the work Downer had done for them in the past.

"They are the specialists and unfortunately there was no local supplier who offered that service," he said.

"There's local suppliers who offer the asphalt overlay who we use, like Fulton Hogan... We don't have a local supplier who can offer the exact service we were looking for.

"The company that we went with, not only were they cheaper, but they've done other work for us before and we were very happy with it."


Cr Peter Masters. Photo Paul Braven / The Observer
Cr Peter Masters. Photo Paul Braven / The Observer Paul Braven GLA050416COUNCIL

Cr Masters said the micro-surfacing provided council value for money.

"It's a cost-effective method of trying to renew the road surface and it seals the minor cracks and any other little irregularities," he said.

"The whole idea of it is really about water proofing because the number one thing that kills roads is water getting in and penetrating.

"It's a protective seal that you put over the top of the existing road. It's a thin, tough layer of asphalt and emulsion blend and then they put finely crushed stone or rock through that, which offers some traction and grip on the road.

"Ultimately an asphalt overlay will go over it, but this will extend that period of time.

"We only do this on roads with low (traffic) volume. If you were to put it on the Dawson or Bruce Hwy it just wouldn't hold up.

"It's considerably more cost effective than going with a full asphalt overlay."



  • Clark Street
  • Campbell Street
  • McDonald Street
  • Payne Street
  • Hansen Crescent
  • Kerr Street
  • Creed Street
  • Schafer Street
  • Potter Street
  • Welch Street
  • Streeter Street
  • McGinlay Street
  • Simpson Street
  • Wassell Street
  • Pashley Street
  • Aspland Street
  • Dalton Street
  • Morrison Street
  • Muirhead Street

West Gladstone:

  • Williamson Street
  • Hill Crescent
  • Worthington Street
  • White Street
  • Glegg Street
  • Hunter Street
  • Laver Street
  • Amelia Street
  • Fowler Street
  • Fowler Lane
  • Garden Street
  • Picnic Street
  • Witt Street
  • Warren Street


  • Ibbotson Road
  • Brown Street
  • Farmer Street