Lion heart not enough for brave Leapai

BOXING: Everyone in the business said big-hitting Aussie Alex Leapai was a "puncher's chance" of lifting the unified world heavyweight boxing title off Ukrainian colossus Wladimir Klitschko in Germany yesterday.

The only trouble was, Leapai could not penetrate the 38 year-old champion's long reach and jab to unleash his lethal Samoan bowler punch. After being hammered with an array of head and body shots from Klitschko, the referee had no option but to call a halt in the fifth round after the brave but clearly outclassed Aussie hit the canvas for a third time.

The telling stat was the punches landed by both boxers - Klitschko battered Leapai with 147 while the underdog Aussie managed to land just 10 blows.

Klitschko entered the ring wearing a bright red cape and looking like Superman.

As the fight progressed it became obvious Klitschko was from another planet and that the brutal punishment Leapai was taking from so many blows to the head and face would end the fight, sooner, rather than later.

"You have truly a lionheart," a respectful Klitschko said to Leapai at the post fight press conference, referring to the Australian's nickname.

"I could see with the fight tonight that he was looking for the right moment and he was looking for the right shot.

"I swear if one of those shots landed anywhere on my head, I wouldn't be sitting here."

Leapai said he would come home and go back to the drawing board.

Potential opponents include former world champion Shannon Briggs, Manuel Charr and fellow Australian Lucas Browne, who won the vacant Commonwealth title in England shortly before Leapai's fight.