Family gets rundown by the flu this winter

THE winter holidays have it in for my family.

I can't remember the last time some, or all, of us made it through the fortnight unscathed.

The week before, there's always an inkling of things to come - a sore throat, an itchy nose or some watery eyes.

I'd blame it on dusting, but my dubious enthusiasm for housework doesn't appear to counter what's (not so) affectionately known in my family as The Line Flu.

Have you had the flu this winter yet?

This poll ended on 27 July 2015.

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Yes, it's horrid.


No, I had a flu shot.


No, I've been fine, everyone around me has had it though.


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The first week, hubby and Miss Teen made several tissue boxes and an alarming amount of Lemsip disappear.

By the second week, their aches and pains had eased, only to be countered by the Little Miss with her coughs and high temperatures, the former she kindly shared with her father.

We're used to people avoiding us at this time of the year, whether it's our flu or the plague named for our street after we allegedly shared our germs with several neighbours, but there are some positives.

Being too sick to leave the house meant we saved money, and of course, hubby and kids were better by the time school resumed.

But come that Sunday night, you know who started to feel sick, don't you?

Now if only I could find some tissues.