Lindsay Lohan in tears after Letterman grills her on rehab

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan Bang Showbiz

LINDSAY Lohan was reduced to tears after being grilled by David Letterman on her upcoming stint in rehab and history of substance abuse problems.

In an appearance taped for Letterman's Late Show, Lohan was pressed repeatedly about her addiction issues and brushes with the law.

She faces a 90-day stay in rehab in May as part of a plea deal in a misdemeanor traffic accident case.

Letterman tried to draw Lohan out, asking how many times she'd been in rehab, how this time would differ, and what she's being treated for.

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Lohan looked uncomfortable and said she didn't expect Letterman's line of questioning.

But she said that she wants to be healthy and focus on what she loves - her work.

She added that she looks at rehab as "a blessing and not a curse."

She started crying when Letterman complimented her about the "poise" she had shown by agreeing to appear on the show.

The host then passed her a tissue to dry her eyes.

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