Yoga pose helps detox the body and build self-esteem

THIS week's hand practice is the pran mudra, ie mudra for life, just like prana yama, breath of life.

Detox your body through the pran mudra yoga technique.

Pran mudra helps improve the vital force of life and activates your mooladhara chakra at the base of your spine.

The mudra, when practiced without fail, helps in detoxifying your body and strengthens your confidence as well as your self-esteem levels.

Practicing this mudra alongside apan mudra (demonstrated in the coming weeks) has been proven to offer relief to those suffering from diabetes.


 1. Sit down in a relaxing position, preferably, padmasana, sukhasansa (lotus pose), with your eyes closed. Those who are uncomfortable in this position can opt for performing the mudra in tadasana, standing up (mountain pose).

 2. Concentrate on your breathing, so start with pranayama, breathing into all three chambers just like a baby.

 3. Keep your hands on your sides, totally relaxed.

 4. Bend your little finger and ring finger to touch the thumb, using a little gentle pressure.

 5. Keep the index finger and middle finger straight where ever possible.

For full benefits ensure sure that you perform this mudra with both the hands.

Practice for 45 minutes daily or three times of 15 minutes each, depending on your commitments, flexibility and comfort level.

Once you have the ability then this can be practiced for a longer period for better results in all areas.

It gives you an opportunity to relax, allows your body to heal and improves your concentration levels.