Life is far too precious to be complacent around water

THE Observer's story about the child being rescued from a swimming pool is a stark reminder of the need to keep our kids safe.

It's alarming to think that the rate of child drownings in Australia is continually rising, despite the huge education campaigns undertaken to prevent this.

While we consider 'it'll never happen to us', there is always the risk, and it's one we need to think of at all times.

There are many who consider the mandatory requirement to fence pools is an unnecessary impost on our individuality, but the law is an essential one and one that should be abided by at all costs.

It only takes a couple of seconds for a toddler who knows no different to wander into an unfenced or unsecured pool area and become yet another tragedy for its parents and family.

The easy answer is: Check your pool fencing; make sure it is all secure, that there are no holes anywhere, and then you can rest easier.

And always make sure that you can see where your kids are.