POWER LOSS: Daniel James Phillip Herry, 35, leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court.
POWER LOSS: Daniel James Phillip Herry, 35, leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court. Ross Irby

Licence blow for drug-riding scooter man

NO REVHEAD but Daniel Herry came under the scrutiny of a few police officers when he whizzed past them while riding a stand-up petrol powered scooter.

His two-wheeled fun led to an appearance before an Ipswich magistrate on charges of drug driving; and driving when unlicensed at West Ipswich on November 1, 2018.

It was a 49cc scooter, Herry told magistrate David Shepherd..

Prosecutor Sergeant Matt Donnelly confirmed that a licence was required to ride the scooter when asked by Magistrate David Shepherd.

Daniel James Phillip Herry, 35, from One Mile, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to driving with a relevant drug (marijuana) in his system on Brisbane St when not licensed, and driving unlicensed.

Herry accepted that a licence was required.

"That's what they tell me," he said.

"I went past a few police officers.

"I also got done for no helmet no lights, uninsured and unregistered."

Sgt Donnelly said it was 6.35pm when a police patrol intercepted the scooter rider.

Herry made admissions to recent drug use and his saliva tested positive.

Sgt Donnelly said a car licence was acceptable to ride the scooter but at the time Herry was unlicensed.

"I'm on learner's now," Herry told the court.

Herry said he was a tyre fitter who undertook wheel alignments; without Herry's licence, another worker would take the cars for a drive to be tested.

Mr Shepherd took into account the circumstances of the offence and type of the vehicle, and fined Herry $300.

His licence was disqualified for three months.