We say: Sunday library closure a bad move by council

OPINION: There's cost cutting, and then there's cost cutting.

The latest move by the Gladstone Regional Council to close our wonderful libraries on a Sunday fits into the second phrase, rather than the first.

Sure the council will save a few bob - just over $150,000 over the course of the year - by not opening the library on Sundays.

This comes relatively hard on the heels of self service checkouts at the library - and I'm sure that has saved a few staff members as well.

I'd guess this latest move will be pretty unpalatable for many people in our region - and that's not what a council should be looking to do.

After all, isn't the council there to serve the people of the region?

I for one more often than not will go to the library on a Sunday to change my books.

I choose to do so because the library is not open when I finish work, and I'm busy with other things on a Saturday.

Many other libraries in Australia stay open until 8 or 9pm on weeknights to serve their clients, but not our libraries.

And now, to cut the service completely one day a week is in my book a serious retrograde step.

Each and every Sunday more than 300 people visit our library. That's going to be 300 or so disenchanted residents.

Perhaps the council should look at some efficiencies in its own operations rather than take up this latest move which impacts heavily on a reasonable number of people every Sunday.

People would be sensible to remember this move when election time comes along next year.

Is Gladstone council right to close libraries on Sundays?

This poll ended on 07 May 2015.

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Yes. It needs to save money


No. This is one of the basic services that should be provided


No. We need to cater for shift workers in Gladstone


Yes. There is still plenty of time for people to get there


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