Liar knocks off little girl’s Christmas gift

POPPY and her puppy Scooby were out shopping with mum Lucy Rogers at the Valley.

Lucy remembers using the ATM next to the post office at the shopping complex and while she punched in her pin Poppy, 8, and Scooby, 2, sat down and waited.

But while they waited Poppy's iPod touch - last year's Christmas present - must have slipped out of her pocket. And it wasn't until they got home they realised the iPod was missing.

What they didn't bank on was someone finding the iPod - only the man who apparently found it seemed not to hand it in.

"When we came home and realised it was lost we walked back down to the shops and checked where we went," Lucy said.

"We asked a few shops if they had seen it and then we went into the post office."

Lucy said she was told by a woman who was working at the post office in the Valley that a man had found the iPod where Poppy had been sitting earlier and told her he would hand it in to Gladstone police and advertise it on Facebook too.

"I've been to the police four times now and nothing has been handed in and me and my friends have been looking on the (Facebook) pages for hours and haven't seen anything," Lucy said.

"Who would want to steal from a child? The iPod had a picture of my daughter and her dog on it so he must know it belonged to a child."

Poppy said she still felt sad her iPod was stolen and she used to like listening to Katy Perry and playing games on the device.

"I wish the man hadn't lied because I would have lost hope already," Lucy said.

"Now I'll have to save up to replace it."