LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Wisdom does not always come with age


Division 3

As I sit and glance though the candidates for Division 3, I notice one glaring issue – where are all the younger candidates from the Mayoral race?

I only see one that had the drive to stand again and that is Christian Shepherd.

This is an opportunity we have not had for 20 years, to put a young person on the council. The last young person was Neil Fisher and before him Jim Webber or so I’m told.

That is a long period of time for a major section of our community to go unrepresented. Because no matter how liberal or open minded you think you are, once you go over a certain age, you do lose touch with the younger generation.

As a parent of three boys in their 30s and grandparent to four young ones and uncle to an untold number in between, I can honestly say that, what they expect and what we think they expect are completely different.

As a mature aged person, this time I think I will give youth a chance, we have enough of my generation on council and a balance needs to occur.

Remember wisdom does not always come with age.

Anyway that’s my thoughts.

– Mark, Berserker


Harry's View
Harry's View


ANON. They could have done wonders with the riverbank, but they stuff that up big time. I hope Tony can make a go of it. Tony has to try and fix the mistakes on the riverbank. It could have made it the place people would go but missed the mark.

ANON. There’s never been a PM or premier in Australian history that’s really cared about our aged care or our elderly. Once we stop paying tax, we are a burden on the economy. There is not one pollie in Australia that will stand and fight for the elderly and make sure they are cared for in their twilight year and that’s life.

LPMC. Fruit and vege prices up 30 per cent, unemployment up, JobSeeker payments up, workers incentives to pick crops up. but workers in paddocks down. Time for the long term unemployed to get UP. That’s UP off their behinds and work or reduce their payments. We don’t require overseas pickers to replace lazy Aussies, the rules require an overhaul. Australia is in debt and a new direction is required or overseas produce will be seen on shelves.


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