Harry's view on working at Koorana Crocodile Farm.
Harry's view on working at Koorana Crocodile Farm.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: ‘Keep your nose south of the border’


I THINK that the Queensland Premier has done the best job she can on the issue of the virus, she is listening to the top Queensland medical advice.

The NSW Premier has said that she does not poke her nose into other people's business, that is exactly what she has done.

The Queensland premier so far has a better track record than NSW, so please NSW Premier keep your nose south of the border and worry about your own people's health and not money.

Doctor Pauline Hanson PHD FC (fish and chips), I find it alarming that you, who is one of the most vulnerable, considering your age, that you would throw in your lot with people only interested in money and not the health of Queenslanders.

If we suffer a second wave by not being cautious, that will blast any gains we have made out of the water, by having fit healthy young and old workers mega sick.

The health system will sag and break under the strain and will surely do more damage to the economy than the current situation.

Dr Pauline please listen to the medical experts and not the hip pockets of your backers.

Douglas Marold, Rockhampton




Harry's view on working at Koorana Crocodile Farm.
Harry's view on working at Koorana Crocodile Farm.


JOH, YEPPOON. What is Palaszczuk thinking allowing AFL final to the Gabba? What a hypothetical idiot. With all the restrictions. We got too many Victorians move up here trying to turn QLD into Victoria as it is. No thanks.

ANON. What a blast. You will never see a AFL grand final play in QLD after this one. I know we are an NRL state but this is something that will boost Qld. Just hope Queenlanders get a chance at a ticket. You bloody beauty, you will never see it again here.


Taxpayer money will be used to pay for a $3.3 million feasibility study examining the viability of a coal-fired power station in Collinsville.

PETER FINCH: Waste of money. Just build it.

MATTHEW JAMES: Collinsville already has the biggest power station in the southern hemisphere, why does there need to be a study when the evidence is already there!!!!!

LYNNE BARTLETT: Yep. Let's form a steering committee to conduct a feasability study on something that you have no intention of ever developing. Just spend a small fortune that could be put to far better use on a much needed facility. Or heaven forbid, employment. Nurses. Just some minor local government people justifying their existence.

SHANE STACEY BARKER: Build a power station that we don't need or you could just get rid of permanent casuals and put people into full time work.

SALV OCHOA: bunch of idiots, just build it and use those $3.3 millions towards it.

JEREMY BASSETT: Taxpayer money will be used.... Like the govt uses any other money to do stuff.

PAULINE MCKAY: So thats $3.3million that won't go straight to new roads in Brisbane!!! Even though we could do with lots of road works out here in the country.