Gladstone Regional Council councillors.
Gladstone Regional Council councillors.

LETTERS: Now is the time to question council on rates


Our council will be starting work on the budget for 2021.

Last year there was a nil increase in rates, and as far as ratepayers are concerned, there also should be a nil increase this year.

Council will argue that “a rise in CPI” means that council should follow suite.

But the biggest local influence on the “CPI” is increase in council rates.

So it becomes like a dog chasing its tail.

The council has got plenty of room to make internal savings and yet maintain services.

Employee entitlements are back to record levels ($66.033 million) and why does it take 222 pages to compile an annual report when Rocky can do the same thing in about 66


Surely, this is an example of wasting ratepayers’ money.

And the airport devalued from $71 million to $16 million, resulting in more pain for rate payers paying off the original loan.

Airport income was in a downward spiral, well before C19.

Now is the time to contact your councillors for some answers.

John Blake,

West Gladstone.