LETTER: Candidates asked for opinions on sporting issues

I would like to get an opinion of the council candidates on an issue that was raised in The Observer by myself last year on behalf of the sporting clubs in the region.

Two issues were raised and bought to the current council's attention.

The first one was an inconsistency in sewerage charges on the sporting clubs annual rates.

This matter was resolved and we appreciated the cooperation of the standing council at the time

The second issue was about sporting clubs insufficient water allocations.

The clubs believe that the current water allocation is at least half the amount required to maintain a safe and decent sporting surface.

Sporting clubs have been split into two groups, those who can afford to pay for water to supply decent sporting surfaces and those who cannot afford to pay for water and in turn have sub-standard sporting surfaces.

We believe the sporting clubs provide a valuable piece of public infrastructure to the region and at a very low cost to the council as the clubs are run and maintained by volunteers.

The clubs were not looking for a quick fix and understand there are many factors in play in this issue.

I think if the incoming council can work through some of the obstacles to get a better outcome for the clubs not only will it improve the aesthetics of the city but provide safer and much more enjoyable public spaces. I look forward to any of the candidates responses.

Andrew Lockwood

(on behalf of Gladstone area sporting clubs)